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Baldock, N.Herts   30th April 2006

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 As I sit and type this report the following day looking out at Wind and Rain, I feel we were very lucky to have had ideal conditions for the competition yesterday. As people began to arrive mainly from the south we heard stories of torrential rain 20 miles away, but with a light northerly wind non hit the patch all day. The sun was up early and no early morning mist that often hits early season comps.


With 2 late standard entries and a grid of 16 flying started on time at 9.00 am. Our judges for the day were Gary Peacock, ably assisted all day by daughter Alice. Judge 2 was Steve Birchall, alternating with Bill Michie in standard class as Steve helped newcomer Robbie Meek to promotion in his first comp!!


We were well represented in Standard with 6 entries, and 5 each for Senior and FAI. No one choosing to enter Masters. Competition was good and close in all classes.


In the Standard class honours were taken by Robbie Meek, flying electric and achieving promotion scores in each round. Also very close to promotion was Jason Collins, coming in second and just 3.5 points of a promotion it won’t be long before Jason moves forward.


Third place went to my own clubs Nigel Kern, In only his second comp, Flying an ex John Harrop (and my brothers!!) Typhoon with YS1.40FZ, Nigel struggles with the lines and boxed a few centre manoeuvres in the first round. Improving through the day Nigel managed a credible 193 in round 3. Chris Bond flying an older Rubin purchased from me some years ago was improving through the day and finished 4th.


The final 2 places were taken by my own clubs comedy duo – as some said the blind leading the blind but credit to Matt Marshall and Ken Bones flying ‘Sport’ models for having a go. Having seen me practicing the previous day they were convinced that they should have a crack. Armed with schedules (the wrong ones) the both went home and sat on the simulator. Calling for each other they stayed the course and improved through the day – ken achieving a very creditable 181 score in round 2. With some preparation and practice both these guys could do well.


 Senior class honours were in no doubt, Mike Williams flying an ex Malcolm Corbin Majestic/YS was in a class of his own, promoting in every round, everyone stopped to watch the flights. It was worth noting that Mike had a very able caller and assistant and it was great to see Andy Nicholls back out on the flightline again helping a newcomer into the hobby. Andy had obviously not lost his touch and some were looking for the buddy box lead the flying was that good. Andy was not the only ex Champion to attend, Terry Westrop also made an appearance together with Steve White, both out for a Sunday afternoon blast on the bikes. 2/3rds of the 1988 – 1991 Team all that was lacking was Ken.  Second and Third place was a very close run thing with just 1.5 points separating Alan Connelly (2nd) and Nick Sprankling (3rd). Alan flew his ex Brandon Ransley Caprise / YS whilst relative newcomer flew an electric powered YAK. I am sure when he gets hold of a 2m ship he will really perform.


 Graham Martin had a nightmare of a day with engine cuts in the first up line of the figure M in the first 2 rounds and a scratch round 3. Roger Marples flying his ‘OTOP’/ YS 1.40DZ also struggled with 2 engine cuts and managed 4th place after a completed 3rd round flight – later in the day a dislodged clunk was found to be the culprit.


 FAI was an even closer run event, with perhaps the exclusion of myself !! The Stanstead contingent practice and fly together so it is perhaps expected that the results will be close. Amazingly still without a caller Alan Wild took top slot having won round 2. Again by a hairs breadth 1.5 points separated George Drever in 2nd place and Bill Michie in 3rd. James O’Neill was close behind flying his immaculately finished Twister/YS 1.60 in 4th. My own ex Mike Pole Loaded Dice FS/YS 1.40 battled into last place in its final competition before retirement – Now I’ve written it I have to get the Smaragd airborne and slow down my flying!!!


 All in all a great day. We were fortunate with the superb weather, thankful to the North London club for the facilities and our Judges and marshals. Despite running on the same day as a centralised a good entry made the effort and a good clean competition ensued. We look forward to hosting another comp at the venue.


 Greg Butterworth CD



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