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Festival of Flight, Barkston Heath - 11th June 2006

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A lot of preparation went into the Festival of Flight this year and that was rewarded by all pilots really getting involved in the organisation, filling the gaps where there was a break in procedures and all in all I think enjoying the day.  We had a few unexpected problems to deal with, we hope John and Darren Mee are well on the way to recovering from their allergy attack which prevented them being present.  We were very pleased to see a not so well Alan Simmonds arrive half way through the first round when pilots had stepped into the judges chairs to make to sure we made a prompt start.  We proved these stand in judges really were on the ball when they noticed they had got F07 score sheets instead of P07 score sheets before Adrian had flown too many manoeuvres.  We decided to change the sheets and not the schedule being flown, so Adrian got a couple of practice manoeuvres in any way.

 Three rounds were flown with only two engine cuts though the day, Ken landed with bits missing forward of the prop driver and Andy suffered in the last round. Just a few scores to mention, Mattís average of 475 in his two counting rounds, just shows how well I was calling!  Bill just missing third place to Brian by 6 points.  In Senior, Alan and Ryan score exactly the same mark on their second flights.  Ryan really pulled out the stops in his third flight with a score of 24.5 points above the promotion score for Seniors, well done Ryan but please donít get promoted too quickly as I already have too much competition to cope with.  In Standard only 3.5 points separated Stephen and Mel in their second round scores.

 This was my first attempt at CD and I can only thank not only all the pilots who made the event very enjoyable for me, but also those who helped set up the site, those who volunteered to stand in for judges, and not least my PA for the day Emma who looked after the administration, (again a first), and Matthew for nudging me at the right moments to keep me in check, or was it keep me awake.  Thank you all.

Ashley Hoyland, CD.





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